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Accredited Financial Counselor®

AFC® certification is the standard — training professionals to guide clients through life-cycle financial education to help them realize their goals and achieve lasting financial well-being.

Abilities of the AFC:

  • Educate clients in sound financial principles.
  • Assist clients in the process of overcoming their financial indebtedness.
  • Help clients identify and modify ineffective money management behaviors.
  • Guide clients in developing successful strategies for achieving their financial goals.
  • Support clients as they work through their financial challenges and opportunities.
  • Help clients develop new perspectives on the dynamics of money in relation to family, friends and individual self-esteem.

To complete your AFC® certification:

Educational eligibility requirements have been established to ensure that individuals certified by AFCPE have the appropriate level of education, knowledge and proficiency necessary to provide financial counseling services as an AFC professional.

As a prerequisite to selecting the education path that’s right for you, please review the list of core competencies required prior to sitting for the AFC examination. These competencies are based on the results of the AFCPE 2014 Job Analysis Study.

You’ll find meaningful differences among the education paths for AFC certification. Each path is designed to ensure that you’ve been exposed to the educational components that correspond with each of the core competencies on the AFC examination. You can find the option that best fits your experience and goals.

AFC® Education Paths and Fees

All paths include the cost of the facilitation of the exam by an AMP proctor. Please note that optional webinar reviews are available upon request for $500 and optional study guides are available for $50. Books and materials that ship outside the U.S. will incur a $35 international shipping charge.

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