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Certified Housing Counselor

The meaning of the CHC designation to a client: An individual who seeks the services of a Certified Housing Counselor will know that:

  • The housing counselor has passed comprehensive examinations on personal finance, financial counseling and housing issues.
  • The housing counselor has signed a code of ethics and agrees to abide by the highest ethical standards.
  • The housing counselor maintains the most current knowledge in the field of personal finance and housing issues through continuing education.

To complete your CHC Certification:

Educational eligibility requirements have been established to ensure that individuals certified by AFCPE have the appropriate level of education, knowledge and proficiency necessary to provide housing counseling services as a CHC.

There are two education paths for CHC certification: a self-study path and an educational challenge path. Both paths are designed to ensure that you’ve been exposed to the educational components that correspond with each of the core competencies on the examinations. 

CHC® Education Paths and Fees

Both paths include the cost of the books and materials. Optional webinar reviews are also available for the AFC component of the CHC for an additional $500, and optional study guides are available for $50. Books and materials that ship outside the U.S. will incur a $35 international shipping charge.

Candidates who do not hold the AFC are required to take two examinations: the AFC exam and the CHC exam. 

Candidates who hold the AFC in good standing only need to take the Housing examination.

If you already hold the AFC certification, 1,000 of your 1,500 hours have been met, and you are required to obtain only 500 more hours.  

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