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Recognizing the great work and innovations happening in financial education, research and practice. Award winners are recognized each November at the AFCPE Symposium.

Award winners are notified by OCTOBER 1, 2016.

Distinguished fellow Award in memory of Celia Hayhoe

This award recognizes significant and long-lasting contributions made by selected individuals to AFCPE over the organization’s history. The nominee should be a leader in the field of financial counseling and planning education. Must exhibit the highest standards of professional and ethical conduct throughout his or her professional career. Recognize a colleague whom you feel merits our greatest accolades!

2015 Award Recipient: Jean Lown

2015 Recipient
Jean Lown

2014 Recipient
Sharon Cabeen

Mary Ellen Edmondson Educator of the Year

The educator of the year award honors an individual who has provided exceptional service to teaching and/or outreach. Through the design or use of creative and innovative programs, the educator has made a profound impact on, or provided an exceptional service to, our profession and/or afcpe. They should be a mentor – giving back to students or commited to educating clients. This award includes $200 and a plaque.

2015 Award Recipient: Ryan Law

2015 Recipient
Ryan Law

2014 Recipient
Alena Johnson

Outstanding Consumer Financial Information

Consumer information comes in a variety of forms – through books/periodicals, consumer brochures, videos, audio, multi-media, even apps! Nominate the person or organization that is providing outstanding consumer information in the field of financial counseling and planning. The work should be innovative and timely with wide reach to diverse audiences. A plaque will be awarded to the author, publisher or creator of widely distributed educational materials.

2015 Award Recipient: University of Idaho Extension (Luke Erickson & Lyle Hansen)

2015 Recipient
Luke Erickson

2014 Recipient
Rita Green

Outstanding Educational Program

This award goes to an educational program that is significantly impact our field. The outstanding educational program will have well-defined objectives for its target audience, and provide supportive educational materials, content and methods that are audience-appropriate. The program is innovative and adaptable for other practiitioners and educators to replicate and/or adapt in their work. A plaque will be awarded to a program that has demonstrated an impact in the field of financial counseling and planning.

2015 Award Recipient: IU MoneySmart$ (Phil Schuman & Morgan McMillan)

Outstanding Financial Counseling and/or Planning Center

This award goes to a financial counseling or planning center that has demonstrated its effectiveness in its local community. The center is responsive to target audience needs and provides materials and delivery of services that are in tune with its audience. The evidence of its impact is widespread and other centers can learn from or adapt this program to effectively support clients.

2015 Award Recipient: University of Utah Personal Money Management Center (Ann House)

Financial Counselor of the Year

This award goes to a financial counselor who has contributed outstanding work in financial counseling. This individual has a high level of outreach, strong evidence of outcomes and approaches their work with an innovative approach. The winner of this award will receive a plaque and $200. Nominee must also be an afcpe certified counselor in good standing.

2015 Award Recipient: Patsy Collins

2015 Recipient
Patsy Collins

2014 Recipient
Madeline Greene

Outstanding Symposium Paper Award

This award winner, nominated by the submission reviewers and chosen by a select committee, has written a paper that is of great use to the profession. The paper must include a thorough review of literature, a new and innovative approach to examining a current topic, and employ sound research methods. The successful paper will also include a thorough and creative practical applications section.

2015 Award Recipient: Sandra Huston, Texas Tech University & Laura C. Ricaldi, Utah Valley University for “Financial Sophistication and the Credit Card Debt Puzzle”

2014 Award Recipient: Qianwen (Rachel) Bi & Sandra Huston, Texas Tech University for “Retirement Saving and the Use of Financial Software”

Outstanding Research Journal Article of the Year

All papers accepted for publication in the research journal are automatically nominated for this award. The winning paper will include a thorough and appropriate review of the literature of the topic addressed. Sound research methodologies must be employed and include sound operational definitions, appropriate measuring devices, and adequate statistical analyses. The successful paper will also provide creative and innovative approaches to using the information in practice.

2015 Award Recipient: Benjamin Cummings and Russell James
 for “Factors Associated with Getting and Dropping Financial Advisors Among Older Adults: Evidence from Longitudinal Data” (JFCP, Vol 25, Issue 2)

2014 Award Recipient: Justin Henegark, Kansas State University; Kristy Archuleta, Kansas State University; John Grable, University of Georgia; Sonya Britt, Kansas State University; NaRita Anderson, Kansas State University & Anita Dale, Kansas State University for “Credit Card Behavior as a Function of Impulsivity and Mother’s Socialization Factors”

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